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My name is Elisa M Nichols I’m 22 years old, and I am from Dolton, IL. I graduated from Thornridge High School in 2017 and later attended South Suburban College where I majored in Psychology. Like many others my major was chosen based upon the fact that I wanted to help people. I personally believe everyone needs someone to talk to and everyone wants to feel accepted despite their flaws. As time progressed I realized  that was not the only thing that myself and  those who are a part of society needed. People need to understand financial literacy, the importance of urban planning and breaking generational curses. Therefore I began to study currency, the foreign exchange market, governmental systems and the effects it has on communities. After much studying and research I took everything I had learned and applied it to my personal life, but I knew it was something more that I wanted to share with the world and help those who may struggle in similar areas. This all began in January of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, it wasn’t until April of 2020 when God gave Power Over Poverty.  Power Over Poverty is a place where we Educate: equip ourselves with the proper tools to become successful, Break: identify and break off generational curses. Poverty isn’t the number 1 generational curse but it’s the root cause of many. Then we Build: creating the lifestyle we desire for ourselves and our families. Power Over Poverty has helped me with budget and allocate  my finances better, and have a better understanding as to why there are so many communities that don’t have the same healthy accessible resources within their community instead of having to travel a great distance in order to have healthier options. In the future I plan to have training to earn certifications, internship programs, jobs and so much more for those who are ready for change.  Those who want to change their environments! Those who are tired of depending on society to change something! Those are individuals that I like to call World Shifters.

"Power Over Poverty was birthed in April of 2020 during the pandemic. In that moment I realized that having good credit, money and connections wasn't enough. Instead it was time for us as a whole to equip ourselves with different tools to help break the generational curses "


Elisa Nichols
Founder of Power Over Poverty

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